May 10, 2021


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Instead of publishing this theme to npm, I prefer to clone it from the theme branch, so that you can customize the theme easily according to your liking.

  • Scaffold the theme branch
git clone
# or
npx degit soulsam480/rengoku#theme my-rengoku-directory
  • Install dependencies
cd my-rengoku-directory
yarn # or npm install
  • Run the dev server
yarn dev
  • Build for production
yarn build
yarn serve # to preview built files in a browser

Home page

The content/ file serves as the home page of the theme. It's critical that you don't change the name of the content directory.

Frontmatter variables

The home page has some specific frontmatter variables by using them you can enable some features.

hero: true
heroImage: /rengoku_banner.webp
heroQuote: Go ahead and live with your head held high. No matter how devastated you may be by your own weakness or uselessness, set your heart ablaze. Grit your teeth and look straight ahead.
heroName: Kyōjurō Rengoku

By setting the hero variable to false you can disble the default hero banner layout of the homepage. Only when it's set to false, the markdown content of the file will be visible on the homepage.

Blog feed on home page

To show your blog feed on home page, set feedOnHomepage true in content/.vitepress/config.js.

Writing blog articles

The content/blog directory is used to store blog articles and it's critical that you don't change the name of the directory. Also the presence of content/blog/ is also mandatory as the blog listing is rendered on that page. All the other files in the content/blog directory except the content/blog/ are treated as blog articles and will be loaded with metadata for blog listing.

Frontmatter variables for blog articles

The blog articles use some pre-defined frontmatter variables for specific features.

title: Rengoku - a vitepress theme. # MANDATORY - Article title
description: A vitepress theme inspired by Flame Hashira Kyōjurō Rengoku. # MANDATORY - A description under 200 words, exceeding length will be truncated
date: 2021-05-10 # MANDATORY - Article date in YYYY-MM-DD format
banner: /rengoku_banner.webp # article banner, loaded from content/public directory
   name: Sambit Sahoo
   github: soulsam480 # github username
tags: welcome,rengoku,introduction # comma separated values with no space in between

Along with these variables, vitepress specific variables can also be used see.

Blog article tags

To get full support for tags in blog articles, create content/ This page will be used to render tag specific articles when clicked on a tag. Tags for an article can be added by using the pre-defined frontmatter variable tags in blog article files.

tags: welcome,rengoku,introduction # comma separated values with no space in between


To use images inside blog aricles, put them in the content/public directory and reference them by absolute paths e.g. /rengoku_banner.webp.

Theme config

Theme config can be referenced from content/.vitepress/theme/config.ts.

export namespace DefaultTheme {
  export interface Config {
     * Show posts feed on home
     * @default false
    feedOnHomepage?: boolean;
     * Nav items on the Nav bar
     * max array length 3
    nav?: Nav[];
     * Split row in blog listing page into two column layout
     * can also be enabled from  `content/blog/` , e.g.
     * ```yaml
     * ---
     * splitRow: true
     * ---
     * ```
     * @default false
    splitRow?: boolean;
  export type Nav = {
     * link - url of page
    link?: string;
     * text - nav label
    text?: string;


© Sambit Sahoo 2021 , MIT Licensed